Wind energy in the BSR

Contribution to reduce the development differences within the BSR by: – Exchanging project experiences – Building up network structures (R&D, regional and local authorities, private economy) for a general catch-up with European standards – Discovery of investment potentials – Reduction of inequalities in production and operation of wind energy converters in the BSR, increasing the competitiveness of the BSR within the EU and the global context. – Improvement of local energy supply, development of innovative examples for sustainable energy production as an answer to de-industrialization and regression. – Strengthening the national and local economy. – Contribution to the integral usage of the BSR-potentials for the sustainable development of the BSR. – Showing potential for education and job training for different target groups. – Helping social, economic and ecological aims to be put through. (Social aims: jobs, income, qualification, social cohesion, balanced spacial development following public interests; Economic aims: economic upswing, widely ranged economic structure, based on a strong local middle class, cooperation within the BSR, competitiveness of the BSR; Ecological aims: saving natural ressources, usage of renewable ressources,de-central production and energy supply).


  • Schubert, Andreas


31.12.2002 - 31.12.2005


Norsk bidrag: 640000 Kjell

Total: 940800 €