SuPortNet II

Problem to be addressed: Boat tourism requires an intact nature, but it may also be a threat for nature. Boat harbours can be an asset for cities’ attractiveness if they are well located and structured. The sufficient development of this sector demands strong spatial planning. Conflicts between the expansion of boat tourism and the protection of large nature areas accompanied by conflicts between certain responsible public institutions are frequent. New forms of co-operation have to be found. In future environmental legislation will insist on a high ecologically compatible standard. Furthermore the corresponding infrastructure is missing. These problems require a consistent planning involving as many harbours of the region as possible. But harbour investments are difficult, and the success of this market depends mainly on a parallel improvement of the whole harbour network in conjunction with better marketing. Therefore different harbours have to co-operate ? also across borders – in network development and marketing. Pan-Baltic co-operation of harbours is a condition for solving many issues of sustainable development. Central Objectives: To promote boat tourism in the BSR, which is in balance with nature protection and urban/ regional planning. Expected outcome: Plans for sustainable development of the single boat harbours, information and marketing systems, tools for improved harbour operation and concepts for environmental friendly boating.

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Østfold fylkeskommune


25.06.2010 - 31.12.2004


Norsk bidrag: 5700000 Kjell

Total: 2047500 €

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