Corridor of Innovation and Cooperation

COINCO has the ambition of developing the South-west part of Scandinavian and Northern regions in Germany to become a sustainable, attractive and competitive corridor/region in a European and global context. The corridor is stretching from Berlin/Brandenburg in Germany via the Øresund Region in Denmark/Sweden to the GO-region in Sweden-Norway. The project is structured in four work packages: Work Package 1 is all about establishing a knowledge network. Among Universities and research institutions within the geography of the project corridor, there will be formed at network of researchers, who will participate in the process of creating knowledge in dialog with the partners. Work Package 2 is the core of the project. There will be arranged a dialog process between the researchers, politicians and relevant stakeholders. The project aims at involving public authorities, business org. and NGOs, private and public transport companies, ports and logistic related private companies and politicians from the partner’s regions. This Work Package will comprise regular meetings in the working and the steering groups and seminars for partners and stakeholders. There will be held three conferences at interregional level, one workshop in each region and three meetings in the Steering Committee of the Scandinavian Arena. In the end, they will adopt a plan for action. Work Package 3 will disseminate the results among the participating partners, stakeholders and transport responsibles on regional, national and EU level. An interactive web site will be established. All partners and stakeholders are provided with project publications during the project. The public is informed through the press, website etc. Results are known by the politicians, civil servants and professionals on regional, national and EU-level. At the end of the project there will be held an international conference, which will be the beginning of the realization of the plan. Work package 4 is centred on: Identifying the fields of innovation potential and future cooperation in the project region. Defining the instruments for «best cross boarder cooperation» The focal point in wp4 will be a conference about these themes, but they will also be coped with in wp1-wp3.

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01.03.2005 - 09.04.2007


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