A region’s growth potential cannot be fully exploited unless local academic research competences are made more visible and accessible. Access to these competences will provide scientists and industry with partners for research collaboration and product development. In their absence, innovation leading to technology start-ups will be significantly hampered. Moreover, economic growth is dependent on the region’s ability to attract these competences, as well as companies and investment. Not only must we be able to profile current regional strengths, but we must also be able to bring about sustainable development of such strengths to enhance the region’s competitiveness. This operation originates in a key regional development initiative (LIFT) supporting the bio-cluster in Stockholm. LIFT is an Internet-based information system facilitating the search for research competences as well as analyses of a region’s research strengths. Similar and complementary projects run by the partners in this planned operation will significantly enhance the individual initiatives and provide synergy. Interregional joint development and dissemination of results will facilitate research cooperation on a pan-European level, thus multiplying the effects of individual initiatives. Objectives & Main Activities: COMPETENCE has the following interrelated objectives: Objective 1: To create a joint Internet-based Competence Platform that assists industry in locating relevant competences within universities. Objective 2: To develop existing tools for Competence Development Planning and implement them in the partner regions. Objective 3: To establish a joint marketing strategy for the COMPETENCE Network in order to enhance the effects of individual activities within the regions. Partnership: Karolinska Institutet (KI) currently manages LIFT and is the initiator and Lead Partner for COMPETENCE. KI has carefully selected the other partners to provide: 1) World-class complementary expertise relevant to the objectives. 2) Close relations to regional development activities in the strongest biotechnology regions in Europe. The partnership comprises leading universities and cluster organisations. Expected outputs: 1) An efficient, high-quality information system facilitating the search for research competences. 2) Improved tools and methods for competence development planning and profiling partner regions. 3) Joint marketing strategy. Expected results: 1) Increased cooperation between academia and industry. 2) Improved understanding of the regions’ research strengths and weaknesses. 3) Enhanced profiling and visibility of the partner regions. Expected impact: Contribution to: 1) Increased use, application and commercialisation of research results. 2) Attracting more foreign investments and scientists to the partner regions. 3) Heightening the profile of European Biotech industry and the public awareness of science.


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Universitetet i Oslo


01.07.2004 - 31.12.2007


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