BALTIC GATEWAY has the ambition to develop a comprehensive system of high quality transport and transport-related services in the South Baltic Sea area. This will promote economic growth and a sustainable development in the area, as improved communication services will result in improved accessibility within the area itself, as well as between the area and important European centres for growth. BALTIC GATEWAY has in the spring 2004 arranged a high-level political conference dealing with the South Baltic Sea area and the Trans European Transport Network. One of the main outputs from the conference is a Joint Political Statement, signed by 15 regional political leaders, expressing the need for further regional co-operation in the field of transport, and stating that the regions in the South Baltic Sea area are determined to actively participate in defining and planning priority projects for future intermodal transport solutions. The project has produced a number of reports enhancing the knowledge of future transport trends, the sea transport infrastructure, and the development of traffic flows in specific corridors.

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