Program: Nordlig Periferi

External Timber Cladding in Maritime Conditions

The project will develop new knowledge and share best practice in the design, construction and maintenance of external timber cladding in the north and west of Scotland, western Norway, and the Faroes.

Eco House North

Recent research has shown that there will be an increasing demand for ecological wooden houses in the future. This is due to an increased awareness about environmental matters, and stricter environmental legislation and requirements of buildings, for example in energy saving. Changes in the population structure and way of living also necessitate the development of new kinds of settlements and house types that are flexible and easy to modify for customers’ varying needs and expectations.

Destination Viking – Saga Lands

Sagas and storytelling are unique cultural features of the Northern Periphery. In the stories are embedded information about former landuse and historic events related to the landscape.

Cultural Community Business

The project intends to apply the principles of community business to music and cultural organisations in order to provide a framework for achieving sustainable financial stability.


Development by Branding the Trade Mark.

Bottom Rules

Bottom Up Processes – Aiming at Sustainable Development in Rural Areas.


Warning of Algal Toxin Events to support aquaculture in the NPP coastal zone Region.


Prosjektet «Water Asset Renewable Energy Solutions» (WARES) skal utvikle tjenester som forsyner utkantstrøk med fornybare energiløsninger. Det skal gjøres ved å finne ubrukte eller skjulte muligheter for fornybar energiproduksjon i virksomheter innenfor vannsektoren.