Program: Nordlig Periferi

Our life as elderly

Through an interactive and continuous dialogue with the citizens of the partner areas, this project aims to determine the needs, wishes and requirements for the future care of the elderly in the next 10-15 years.


Integrated Approach to Northern Watercourses and their Community Development

Northern Potential

The partners will develop quality Knowledge Bases, a transnational discussion forum and personalised communication tools on the Internet. Knowledge Base content includes regional statistics, economic analyses, news and address registers with links to partner’s, Northern Periphery, EU and national government websites.

Northern Maritime Corridor

The Northern Maritime Corridor (NMC) is a project funded by the two INTERREG IIIB programmes, the North Sea Programme and the Northern Periphery Programme. The NMC is the term for a sea based transportation corridor that stretches from Northern Norway and North West Russia to the Continent, connecting the coastal areas of North Sea and the Northern Periphery.

North Cod

Sustainable Development of Cod Farming.


Northern Coastal Experience

Nature Based Tourism

Nature based tourism is a new tourism sector which has experienced significant growth in recent years. It is defined as tourism which uses nature as a basis for the product, and connecting with nature is the main attraction for visitors. Nature-based tourism offers significant opportunities, especially for Northern Periphery areas, and can support both conservation and employment across the region. However, development in this sector must be managed in the correct manner, in order to ensure that growth does not hamper the essence of the product.


Integrate to Innovate in the northern periphery.