Harvesting Energy for Data Acquisition and Transfer (HE4T)

Northern Scandinavia is sparsely populated and distances are long between cities and villages as well as individual people. The natural conditions are challenging especially in winter times. These facts set special requirements for the travelling, communication and cooperation between individual people as well as companies and different community units. Especially the maintenance work in factories, roads, , bridges, railways, homes, sport areas, forest machines, mining industry etc. and other places can be difficult and time consuming and increasing the costs. For instance, it takes a long time and at a high cost and effort if something has to be repaired or maintained over a long distance and in such challenging weather conditions especially in winter. Also, the real time reliable exchange of information in the everyday life of individual people for instance health care is particularly important in remote areas.

The main aim of this project is to develop new energy autonomous technologies by which it is possible to get clean and environmentally friendly energy to be used in a wide range of applications for instance in the monitoring of systems and components, maintenance, condition monitoring, wireless communication, data processing and analytics, utilization in sensors and sensor network technologies and automation.

The project will look for both new applications and applications where it is beneficial to replace a battery-operated application with an energy harvesting approach.

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Universitet i Tromsø



01.01.2023 - 31.12.2025


Norsk bidrag: 427 529 Euro NOK

Total: 1 412 195 Euro €

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