1. Promoting innovation and competitiveness in remote and peripheral areas


2. Accessibility


Transport, logistics, infrastructure

The project aims to bring about real operational change in the construction and maintenance of rural roads across the Northern Periphery through a combination of consultancy services, demonstration projects and education. ROADEX developed services (strategies) and products (technologies) will be used on local roads by local Partners supported by a ROADEX consultancy service and knowledge centre”. Joint research and development will also continue into the effects of climate change, road widening and health issues arising from poorly constructed roads.

Aim & Objectives:

The overall objective of the project is to effect a change, a ‘tipping point’, in the culture of road construction and maintenance in the Northern periphery by physically implementing the ROADEX technical reports on the road networks of the Partner areas.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Everyday use of the developed ROADEX knowledge and innovation across the ROADEX partner areas;
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of ROADEX in the NPP area and the EU generally;
  • Policy change in the construction and maintenance of rural roads across the Northern Periphery;
  • A new pan-regional consultancy service of ROADEX experts to give advice on suitable ROADEX management strategies and methods of construction to local design teams, consultants and contractors. This service will directly empower local engineers and technicians to apply ROADEX experiences locally and give them the necessary connections to the ROADEX experts.
  • A new ROADEX “knowledge centre” of technical reports, case studies, research papers, contact details for Partner experts, together with feedback from the ROADEX demonstration projects. This knowledge base will be a web-based service available to all Partners and target groups in the engineering industry – consultancies and contractors and academic institutions – with advice on all matters connected to ROADEX.
  • An extended e-learning system of ROADEX reports and outputs, most notably the new drainage guidelines, the construction and maintenance of roads over peat, and the environmental considerations of road works. This product will be used by the partners and the target groups.
  • New knowledge on climate change adaptation, road widening and the health issues that can arise from poorly constructed roads

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Statens vegvesen


01.07.2009 - 30.06.2012


Total: 2 163 473 €


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Finnish Road Administration
Highland Council
Western Isles Council
Forestry Commission Scotland
Department of Transport
National Roads Authority
Swedish Forest Agency, Luleå,
Icelandic Public Road Administration,
Property and Emergency Agency