Preparatory DigiÁrran

In this preparatory project the main project – DigiÁrran – is created. In this preparatory project, international partners are searched and ensured for, negotiations on partnerships are conducted and agreements are prepared. The planned Interreg-funded three-year DigiÁrran project develops knowledge and skills on the development and utilization of digital games. It aims to strengthen the use of digital games in the study of the Sámi language and develops research in the field. Project assembles a strong network to promote the production and utilization of Sámi language games in the future, and tests how games can be used for various goals, e.g. for transferring traditional knowledge, teaching about the Sámi, integrating people into Sápmi and adapting to climate change.

Norsk prosjekteier

Sámi allaskuvla



01.01.2023 - 31.07.2023


Norsk bidrag: 200000 NOK

Total: 40000 €

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University of Oulu