This project aims at developing farming of Arctic charr in the Northern periphery area. We will analyse the present situation for charr farming in the area to identify production potential and bottlenecks in different regions and with different technologies. This will provide knowledge for future development of the industry.

Solutions to problems in farming that we have identified already will be suggested from knowledge obtained in activities targeting brood-stock handling, feeding practice, optimised temperature regimes, slaughtering and environmental impact. Sustainability, for farming and the environment, and welfare issues are aspects involved in these targets. We will initiate triple-helix structures in order to provide stakeholders with tools and contact network that will facilitate development.

The project will produce reports, method manuals, guidelines and standards and a computer programme. Dissemination will be through popular and scientific reports, courses, the charrnet website as well as transnational and local meetings.

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01.06.2008 - 31.05.2011


Total: 1 132 792 €


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Holar University College, Iceland
Swedish Board of Fisheries, Sweden