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Østersjø: Små prosjekter

20. oktober 2022 @ 16:00 26. januar 2023 @ 16:00

Small projects


Small projects aim at facilitating easier access to the Programme, in particular for those partners that have not previously participated in the Programme. Applying for a small project and implementing a small project is much simpler when compared to the core projects. For example, the budget of a small project is smaller than a regular project. The work plan consists of one work package and it may be implemented by small partnerships.

In small projects, partners are encouraged to develop practical and durable outputs and solutions for challenges in the region. These challenges need to correspond to one of the Programme objectives. Small projects should increase capacity of the target groups to deal with the identified challenges during and after the end of the project implementation.The development of solutions is not obligatory in small projects. However, activities need to go beyond pure networking and knowledge exchange.

Interreg Baltic Sea Region

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