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NPA – Northern Skills conference

8. november 2023 @ 09:00 17:00

NPA Northern Skills conference

Navigating the Future NPA

In recent years, Northern Europe’s peripheral areas have become attractive regions for larger or smaller green and digital investments. New opportunities for people and communities have opened up in otherwise sparsely populated regions, and beyond.

At the same time, some jobs disappeared while others are not taken up and workers in sectors such as healthcare, digital industries, or technical service are highly demanded. This creates imbalances and challenges for many regions and communities.

The 2023 Interreg NPA annual event will look at how Interreg NPA projects can support reskilling, attracting and retaining the needed workforce.

Who is the event for?

The NORTHERN SKILLS conference is a public, free-to-attend event that will bring together experts working with regional development on local, regional, and national level, policymakers, business actors, researchers, higher and lower education institutions, youth, and indigenous peoples to share experiences and ideas related to the future workforce in the NPA. 

Through networking and workshops, the participants will be able to exchange first-hand experiences of how to attract and retain skilled and talented people in Europe’s peripheries and create attractive, competitive, and resilient communities.   

Join us navigating the future NPA!

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NORTHERN SKILLS: Navigating the Future NPA
8th November 2023, Skellefteå, Sweden!