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Kolarctic: Ex-post evaluation

12. mai 2023 @ 16:00

Ex-post evaluation of the Kolarctic ENI CBC 2014-2020 programme

Norske foretak kan søke på oppdraget med å evaluere det utgående Kolarctic-programmet. Beskrivelse av utlysningen følger på engelsk.

The Managing Authority of the Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 Programme invites interested parties to submit an offer for performing the ex-post evaluation of the Kolarctic programme. The ex-post evaluation is carried out to provide an overall independent assessment about the effectiveness and impacts of the implementation of the programme. The focus of the evaluation is on programme performance, but the perspective is adjusted to take into account the impact of the global crises of Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion on Ukraine on the programme implementation.

The Programme to be evaluated is a cross-border cooperation programme between Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Russian Federation participated in the implementation until March 2022. The ex-post evaluation will be carried out in Finland, Sweden and Norway only.

The Programme area consists of Lapland, Norrbotten, Troms&Finnmark and Nordland. Adjoining regions are Oulu region and Västerbotten. The work is expected to be done as a desk and online study.