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ESPON: åpen utlysning – målrettede analyser

Open invitation to submit proposals for Targeted Analyses

11. november 2022 @ 12:00 24. februar 2023 @ 12:00

We are pleased to announce the first cut-off date for the submission of proposals for Targeted Analyses for the ESPON Programme 2030: 24 February 2023

Policy makers may sometimes think that their territorial peculiarities prevent them from benefitting from the experience of others, facing similar challenges in different countries or different territorial and political contexts. Comparative studies to develop evidence-based policy recommendations may not be their first priority and the process may seem overly complicated.

The ESPON Targeted Analyses have changed this!

Since 2007, ESPON Targeted Analyses has been supporting territorial development processes at local, regional and national levels in Europe by bringing together policy makers who share the same kinds of challenges and who are looking for new territorial evidence and a European perspective. Applying sound methodologies and providing scientific expertise, ESPON Targeted Analyses deliver demand-driven and tailor-made analytical studies in support of territorial decision-making.

Whether you are a national, regional or local authority, represent a major city or local rural community, a Managing Authority or a territorial cooperation body, ESPON can select and fully finance the experts to carry out the analytical work to provide territorial evidence tailored to your needs.

Within one year, you will be offered the following support solutions:

  • Administrative and technical support to design Terms of Reference directly related to your questions and in accordance with the ESPON Cooperation Programme
  • Permanent technical support from ESPON’s expert team to ensure the progress of the activity and the quality of the deliverables
  • A dedicated budget, typically around EUR 250,000, to finance a high-level study led by carefully selected experts from all over Europe (through public procurement procedures)
  • Opportunities to learn with your peers and share evidence and experiences with other stakeholders
  • Participation at ESPON events, typically organised in cooperation with EU Presidencies, to network with an international community of policy makers and experts