Webinar: Macro-regional strategies and cooperation with Non-EU members – example Norway

When: Thursday Feburary 25, 13:30-15:00

Organisers: Let’s Communicate project, Eastern Norway County Network, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Delegation to EU – in cooperation with EU Commission DG Regio

The new Action Plan for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) focuses on mainstreaming cooperation with neighbouring non-EU members into all policy areas. Norway is closely connected to EU via the EEA-agreement and an active member of several organisations and networks in the Baltic Sea Region. Norway is also a full member of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme, and part of several cross-border programmes in the region.

The webinar will focus on the value of cooperation with neighbouring non-EU countries in EU Macro Regional Strategies, and present examples of good practises and new ideas for future cooperation.


  • Opening by the Mission of Norway to the EU – Per Sjaastad, Ambassador/Deputy Head of Mission
  • Added value of involving non-EU neighbours into the European Macroregional Cooperation by a representative from EU-commission DG Regio
  • Mainstreaming cooperation with non-EU neighbours in the EUSBSR by Simon Stermann, chair of the EUSBSR National Coordination Group, German Federal Foreign Office
  • Norway’s cooperation within the Baltic Sea Region and the EUSBSR by Olav Berstad, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Why cooperate and what is in it for us: Concrete examples from Norwegian participation in Flagship projects within the EUSBSR
    • STM Balt SAFE by project partner Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket), Jon Leon Ervik (PA Ship/PA Safe)
    • EFFECT4buildings by project partner Innlandet County Council, Liv Randi Lindseth (PA Energy)
  • Cooperation with Norway from a point of view of a Policy Area Coordinator, Esa Kokkonen, Baltic Institute of Finland – PA Innovation
  • Questions and interaction
  • What now – how to proceed? Let’s Communicate project and new Interreg BSR programme period, Ann Irene Saeternes, Head of European Affairs, Eastern Norway County Network
  • Wrap-up/end of seminar

Moderator: Baiba Liepa, Interact Turku office

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