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URBAC City Festival 2021


Start: 14.06.22 Kl: 09:00
Slutt: 16.06.22 Kl: 15:30

URBACT City Festival 2022 will take place in Pantin / Greater Paris (France) on 14, 15 and 16 June 2022. 

The event will be organised under the French presidency of the Council of the European Union and will take place in Pantin / Greater Paris.

The main venue will be La Cité Fertile, one of the largest eco-responsible ‘tiers-lieux’ in Paris area. Located on former railway land, La Cité Fertile aims to bring people together and build an ecosystem dedicated to the ecological transition.

The spirit of the place will be essential to achieve the carbon neutrality challenge of this edition of the Festival. Using an eco-oriented venue powered by renewable energy, with local, seasonal and plant-based food, waste collection and composting, and looking at carbon offsetting to compensate for participants’ travels and the remaining carbon footprint, are some of the actions that will hopefully pave the way for further carbon-neutral events and project practices throughout URBACT.

There is plenty to celebrate: the launch of URBACT IV, the achievements of the Action Planning Networks, being back together, and more surprises and fun…

Registration will open later this year. Stay tuned on our social media channels and sign up our newsletter!

URBACT City Festival 2022 | URBACT

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